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Brad & Quest. Duo Launches Unique Wrestling Themed Candy Store

What happens when a diehard wrestling fan (with lucha mask and all) meets and marries a chocolatier who’s constantly elbow deep in chocolate? They start a wrestling themed confection company. As you do.

“The idea really came to me after seeing my wife create an incredible chocolate sculpture,” explains Brad. “Quest is a fantastic chocolatier and seeing her creations opened my eyes to the possibilities of exploring something new and different. We put our passions together and it’s been a really good experience working so closely together.”

“Most importantly, Hasbars allows us to create a fun and playful experience for others and bring them back to happy moments in their childhood”

The company itself in all it’s whimsy isn’t just fanciful doing, it’s packed with a lot of purpose too. “Looking back at the time when we were just university students and through all the years since then, Brad and I have always had the incredible ability to work well together. So the fact that we can work together now in such a grand capacity is so great, but most importantly, Hasbars allows us to create a fun and playful experience for others and bring them back to happy moments in their childhood,” gushes Quest. Indeed, there’s something about that retro vibe that excites even the most stoic of people.

Their current product lineup includes treats with a range of different types of chocolate and fun toppings, so there really is something for everyone. It’s a handmade everything kind of company too. At any given moment you can find Quest ardently making and hand-painting their chocolate bars over and over until it pacifies her perfectionism, all while Brad is hand-cutting stickers, labels, and business cards or printing t-shirts. It’s interesting to see how they come up with all design concepts together (from bars to branding) and then execute them in their respective mediums.

“There’s something really special about making everything by hand. It means that as people bite into one of our chocolate bars, they know it’s one of a kind and really just for them,” the duo effuses. Want to know how you can get your hands on their unique offerings?

For now, Canadians can access Hasbars chocolate through their online shop at www.wwfhasbars.com or by visiting local Toronto events such as Comic-Con. Though Brad has his sights set on something much bigger, “Who knows, maybe we can partner with a like-minded retailer to have a small product lineup in their shop. We’d love to have our stuff available in stores where people are already buying their wrestling collectibles and figures.”

And the best of Hasbars is yet to come, the couple reassures. They’re currently soaking up all the suggestions on which wrestling superstars to work on next and brainstorming really fun flavor ideas that’ll still cater to masses of people. In the future, they hope to verge outside the confines of a chocolate bar. “We’re looking to eventually expand to different types of treats such as 3D chocolate wrestling figures, gummies, maybe even ice cream sandwiches,” Quest continues, “We have endless creative possibilities and it’ll be really exciting to see where we go next.”

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